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Thanks for your post Blahages, you're right, not everyone knows every single little bit about their computer.


Intel Core 2 Duo 6300 2.13GHz

2GB DDR2 Ram


DVD-RAM Litescribe

nVidea (Can't remember number right now) LE Graphics

Onboard sound.

Its not the computer I wanted but our old one started to get really bad so we had to go to a shop instead of buying a custom one online.

The one I built (on a tight budget)....

Asus K8V SE Deluxe

AMD Sempron 2600+ (1.6 OC'ed to 1.72GHz)

1 GB Generic RAM (2x 512mb)

1x 80gb SATA Maxtor Har disk

1x 40gb SATA Maxtor Hard Disk

1x DVD-RAM Dual Layer

ATI Radeon 9550 Graphics

Sound Blaster (Can't remember model) Sound Card

iCute Black Gaming Case

5x 80mm case fans

1x GPU Fan

1x Stock CPU Cooler

Now for my laptop....

AMD Turion 2.0GHz 64-Bit

2gb DDR2 Ram

120GB ATA Hard Disk (Currently Broken)

ATI Mobile X1150 (I think)

15.7" Widescreen LCD (Glossy)


Yeah thats all I can think of
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