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Default Re: Girls please help! :)

Alright, im going to say this once and only once, I came here, thinking i would be safe asking for some friendly help on how to please a girl,

And all i get is this "Make sure youre ready" crap, IAMSAM, im asking YOU again, Dont post here again if you wont do what i asked you to do, i dont need you comein here and telling me what you THINK is right, and as for what you said about me disrespecting her, You have offended me in a big way saying that, that was just a exspression i was using to explain what the situation is right now, we are friends, and we do things like what i said, thats a benifiet, I do not appreciate you saying things like that in a place where we are ment to be safe expressing ourselves and our situations, im very capable in pleasing her, i just wanted to know if there were any other ways i might be able to do it.

Stay out of this if you wont simply do what i asked you to do, its as simple as that

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