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Default friends........if they were true friends.

All summer long my friends call me up and ask to hang out so i go up there every now and then but i have never been the one to go and hang out,id rather sit and ponder my thoughts by myself.School has started and its grade 10 but the minute i see them they instantly look away and act as if i were never there and i can practically yell in there ear and tap them on the arm and clal them repeatedly and i know they can hear mebut they leave me sitting there leavin me like im fuckin invisable! The other day im talkin 1 day before they were all ok but the next day they act like they are far to cool for me.This is one of the many problems ive been facing lately and its all coming at me to fast,read my post about me and my dad its called someone please help.Can someone please leave some advice as to why they are acting like this? I undertsand they are just friends and if i really wanted to i could live without them as i have always been a person to do things on my own.But when thy leave me in constant confusion it annoys me and i need to know why they are doing this.
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