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Unhappy So this is depression........

I need your opinon on how badly depressed i am because i dont really know anyone who has depression other then my dad so im not sure if this is what i have.I have a post below about my dad and my life living with a father i hardly know.Some days im happy but other days i feel like i just want to die.literally i get happy and excited when i think im hanging or shooting myself.Somedays i hold all my sadness throughout the day until nighttime and then i cry for about 30 minutes straight.I pretend to be happy in front of family and friends because im afraid of them knowing im depressed.But deep down inside i feel lik sitting in a corner and crying myself to sleep.Lately my friends have been ignoring me because im always the joker in my group and everyone is happy when there around me,but not so much lately because i havent felt like talking i always feel tired and extremly sad for my dad.One minute i'll be happy and in the next 15 minutes its like ive been told ive been diagnsed with cancer.I;ve lost a little bit of interest in which i usually like and would rather sleep.So i need to know does this sound like depression and if so how bad? thanks guys and please read the story about me and my dad.....
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