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Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
\ dumb to buy the parts you listed. For example a 630W is that for??? ur 1950 pro certainly doesnt need it. also your cpu isnt all that great compared to the rest of your parts.

because i got it for 30 bucks at frys, i chose it over the $30 power supplys because they're shit, besides it was modular, and i needed a new power supply so i picked it up. But you didn't know it was on sell.... here is the specific power supply, it's pretty nice actually

edit: i didn't think i'd explain this but....

you said "Second I didnt explain hypertransport so it was much easy to say the dont address memeory as quickly by saying lower FSB."

actually you don't lower the front side bus, to adress memory faster, you would speed it up, and hyper transport adresses memory faser, because the memory controller is on board the CPU, resulting in lower latency....

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