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Default Re: California Students Ban Pledge of Allegiance

Originally Posted by Phantom View Post
Your not to the government.
Its to the flag, your country, its principles, liberty, justice, democracy, everything the US stands for.
Its not fucking pledging allegiance to George Bush.
Yes it is unpatriotic to not respect your country which you clearly don't do.
Kinda like Micheal Moore who hates his country so much even though it allows him to make millions of slandering it.

Popo freedom and rights are NOT free. People like you make it seem that these things are givens and are not needed to be protected.
We have more rights than any other country. We have one of the highest standards of living. The best technology. And some of the smartest people.
Most major advances of mankind have come thanks to Americans. And yet you have an avatar making it seem like we are all dumb fucks that can't screw in a light bulb, yet if it wasn't for Edison who was American you wouldn't even have electricity.
O yeah and read my sig.
I agree that refusing to say the pledge is un-American, how could it not be? And you also raise a good point that i often find myself saying, and it is that we have the most rights and the least corrupt gov. and country on earth. its still pretty screwed, but its the least f-ed up of them
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