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Default Re: California Students Ban Pledge of Allegiance

Originally Posted by *Dissident* View Post
Phantom, we can have all of these things without the need for wars and patriotism and all that. Do you realize, that we would have about $300,000,000,000 extra dollars if not for the war in iraq? thats enough to give every person in this country $1000, and if you cut out the upper and middle class, you can give all the poor people in this country like $3000. or, you know, spend it on something beneficial to the human race besides killing.

I prefer to show Earthism, rather than patriotism. Patriotism is only beneficial to the US government. How does your patriotism help anyone but them? it doesnt help me, or anyone else, or even YOU. the rest of the world needs our "love" too. Like the millions of starving and dieing people in Africa. Imagine if they were given the same benefits as people in the United States? or what about the millions of Mexicans who are dirt poor coming to America to make a better life forthemselves, yet people like you and your patriotism want to drive them out for not paying Taxes. They wouldnt need to if we didnt spend $300,000,000,000 on the war in Iraq, and anothr $250,000,000,000 on the avoidable Katrina Catastrophe
I think the numbers u show r interesting. Im very into cars and i know the US went deficit $726.3 billion in 2011, and a full $254.1 billion of that was from buying imported cars. In other words, the US could've cut the year 2011's deficit by roughly 35% had we not bought imported cars. I think too that working on limiting our buying of imported cars would be more beneficial to us because if the war ended alot of people would be left w/o jobs, which would be sad and although i agree the war needs to end, i dont think we're ready for that quite yet
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