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Default Re: music's negative effect on Youth

Originally Posted by thesphinx View Post
why couldn't it effect our daily life's?
Okay, you're almost picking the easy arguments here.

Destroyed the Mozart idea. You can look up many many other studies disproving it if you'd like.

Music can indeed change a mood. Happy music = happy person. How are you saying it affects us?

I'm sorry but you're being way too GENERAL.

You're arguing music can affect us.
Original topic, music is basically destroying society.

[QUOTE=thesphinx;182542]also you don't have any information to back up your theory, and if you read anything in my last post I explain why people react differently. [/size]

Well now I do, I don't bother posting "scientific discoveries" or "theories" because 9/10 times they will be destroyed within a year.

have you ever tried going without music? [/size]

I went through a full year in which I couldn't find any music to capture my interest. Was I any more intelligent/better off? No. I just stopped listening to music altogether because artists I enjoy are hard to come by and radio's are boring.

Originally Posted by thesphinx View Post
but I don't think this music is helping our problems do you?
Which problems? BE SPECIFIC.

You said we as humans have problems; I personally don't blame music for ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Carpel Tunnel Syndrome, OCD...

Now did you mean over-all world wide? Because I don't think music caused global warming, or the war in Iraq. Or Capitalism to be corrupt.

The world has long since been f*cked over, before music was even created.

but wait....apparently. Same of the earliest forms of rock and roll (originating from funk) came from times of slavery and eventually slavery went away once this music had hit it big.

Therefore, Funk clearly made white folks realize the error of their ways, because of it's VAST effects.

I'm sorry for taking the piss of your argument, but if you're not specific and give me general scientific discoveries while having no actual opinion yourself other than "music affects us negatively" it doesn't seem worth it.
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