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Default Re: music's negative effect on Youth

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
Well if certain people do react differently and we just happen to be "special". Explain to me why the youth aren't currently rebelling. Explain why the majority of the earths problems occured before this music was around.

I will admit that music can affect our brain from a biological/chemical stand point. Can this music ACTUALLY affect our daily/social/life, no not at all.
why couldn't it effect our daily life's? also you don't have any information to back up your theory, and if you read anything in my last post I explain why people react differently.
have you ever tried going without music? if not then you don't know what you would be like without it. I never said you were "special" the music could be effecting you and you might not even realize it.
I never said that the earths problems are caused by music, obviously people in general have problems. but I don't think this music is helping our problems do you?

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