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Originally Posted by Joe3140 View Post
Second, CPU's you all seem to not know much considering you all write the clock speed and an occassional actual name (core 2 duo doesnt count). As for clock speed yes it matters alot however there are two other main factors, Cache (amount of super quick ram is held within the actual cpu) and FSB(frontside bus speed, how quickly your cpu can use your ram). Hint: all AMD chips lack in cache and some in FSB so comparing intel clocks to AMD doesnt do them justice.

Third the whole thing about no programs use this or that. Hell yes they do. If you actually had any demanding programs (firefox doesnt count, lol) youd know running on low memory dramatically hurts performance.

Fourth none of you even wrote what mother boards you have (im assuming u have no idea). Mother boards matter a lot they connect all the parts together. Basically for a mobo FSB is what counts cuz it must match your cpu's.
it's not the motherboard the counts, it's the chipset on the motherboard......

and second AMD cpu's don't have a FSB they use hypertransport, because the memory controller is on the CPU itself... yeah you certainly know computers.

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