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Default Re: Outlawing Gayness

Well, things that people don't understand or are afraid of have historically been stigmatized, outlawed, banned. Or slaughtered. Sadly, there are too many historical references to injustice against others who are 'different' in some way. Sadly, there's a sense of self righteousness woven thru history of those who feel perfectly entitled to impose their unique interpretation of how reality should be on the rest of us, without taking into consideration that they are not the final authority on such matters. Likewise, these misguided individuals fail to take into consideration the simple reality that we are who we are, and that for the most part, the things that have historically caused the most prejudice are completely out of the control of the individual. No one 'chooses' to be gay in much the same way that no one chooses to be straight, or male or female, or black or white. We are who we are.

In our own personal lives we can strive to be open minded and fair with everyone we encounter, regardless of who (or what) it is we're encountering. Change starts within ourselves.

Until the time comes that we as humanity truly live up to our Ideals, pity those small minded folk who feel it 'proper' to exclude anyone.
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