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Default Re: music's negative effect on Youth

Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
Let me get this straight. If I listen to Marilyn Manson, Spineshank, Slipknot etc then my brain will be destroyed, I will become physically weak and behave in a violent manner? Well, then I must be going wrong somewhere because I am, in fact, intelligent, not violent and quite strong.
Doctors told us about 5-6 years ago that eating cooked tomatoes is very good for you as it contains an anti-cancer agent. They have said the same about garlic protecting you from cancer. My granddad adores garlic and cooked tomatoes. He eats them so regularly it is untrue. Yet, we discovered two years ago that he had cancer. So, tell me, how are we supposed to believe a word these so called doctors say when they feed us this shit?
Well first of all as with allot of things you don't see the effects instantly it takes time, over time its been proven to effect the cells.and let me make clear that not everyone reacts in the same way because we're different we've built up our own thought patterns and ways of thinking, how do you know what you would be like without the music? have you ever tried going without it. and this is not some bias program to get you to stop listen to this music. A privet group of scientists did a study and this was there results if you don't believe me look it up. why would a privet group of people want to feed you lies. there whole motive of the experiment was because of all the the groups and people who claimed that this music was effecting youth. so they went and proved that it could effect the youth because of the change in the cells of your brain. so my question to you is why would they lie to you when they were looking for truth them self? This isn't about religion or personal beliefs this is a physical matter that is happening in your brain.

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