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Default Re: It's Britney Bitch!

Originally Posted by FreedomFighter15 View Post
Because a lot of people in hollywood have no morals and are simply bad people (or they are just drunk and high all the time), most think they are of god status and they think that they are above the law and better than everybody else, thats why most of the young superstars are in trouble and acting like a couple of assholes.
Hahahaha what a load of bullshit. Why don't you try living with the media constantly patrolling you 24/7 and never having a moments peace and dealing with tons of pressures like being a certain weight or a bazillion tabloids about who you're dating. It's a lot of pressure to be under and a lot of young ones crack under the heat. Please understand all sides before judging because there is more to it than you think.
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