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Default Re: Who here is religious

You should seriously study more history, the crusades didn't happen before the 1000's

And personally one thing about EVERY site like VT bothers me, people are practicly allowed to bash religion but when a religious person says something that seems to be like ''converting'' their threatened to be warned and banner or shit like that.. W/e it just seems like that to me...


And in case you havent noticed the ''non beliver'' society is 10x more prejudiced towars ''belivers'' than vise versa..

And I think people don't realize that everything gets taken advantage of, especially religion, incase some of you don't know USA and Russia ''fought'' over power in the Vatican and who won? Of course the magnificant USA. The Vatican is a major power which reaches out to a billion people around the globe.

Religion has been taken advantage of and still is being taken advantage of, for peoples personal interests. Just like other things get used.

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