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Default Re: What the hell should I do?

Originally Posted by IAMSAM View Post
Uh, oh, it's time for some therapy here.

if you cannot stop thinking about him, if it interferes with your life and your sense of well being, AND you've attempted suicide, then you need to find a professional to talk with to help you understand and cope with these feelings.

Attraction (to either sex) is really powerful, you have to master those feelings because you'll be having them again. Sometimes, you'll get what you want in the relationship, but other times (like now) you sadly won't. But you have to be able to put it into perspective and carry on with your life. You need to learn those self management skills.

Tell an adult you trust.
I think therapy is a bit of a leap but it is constantly praying on my mind. Even when i am in class doing math for instance, I think of him inbetween counting. And its not just any old thing because it developed over time. I met him in first year (If u are not british this is when we move to the bigger school) and I felt nothing right until the end of 1st year. I knew I was gay since primary seven (Year before 1st year) The suiecide thing is something i doubt i will repeat but it kinda freaked me out when i saw myself with the razor blade in my hand. About telling adults. HMM i doubt it i could tell e trusting adult but talking to peopl my age helps so much more.
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