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Default Re: Outlawing Gayness

Originally Posted by Yuri The Commie View Post
Now lets get this straight. Gay "MARRAIGE" should not be legal. because marraige is a religious thing, and christianity says marraige is between a man and a woman. So, therefore, gays shouldnt be allowed to "marry". They can still have a civil union, and get the same benefits married couples do, but gays getting "married" is an insult to Christianity.

a) This topic is about homosexuality, not religion. So your argument is pretty negligible because everyone in the world isn't a Christian.

b) If marriage is a "religious thing," then how do athiests get married? And if it was a "religious thing" I will say again, religion does NOT mean Christianity as so many people seem to think.

c) Again, it doesn't matter to the rest of the world what insults Christianity. If your mother shows any skin besides her hands and that around her eyes, it's an insult to Islam. So should EVERYONE else adopt Muslim customs? I didn't think so.
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