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Default Re: Who here is religious

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
The only's that come to mind.

Whenever Jews have been prosecuted (Babylonians, Nazi's, Greek, Roman) and the holy wars where Christianity killed anything that wouldn't convert.

But excluding Nazi's, these all date to back before the 1000's.
Erm, are you talking about the Crusades? Religion is only a loose reason as to why they happened. You see, in both Islam and Christianity, the city of Jerusalem (and surrounding regions I believe) are both very important places. Christianity and Islam are both rather different in beliefs, and back in that time when the only way to communicate was in-person, negotiations were much more rare. Also considering that the whole world in general has become more civilized since that time, it is extremely rare that something like that would happen again.

Two sides want something, only one can have it, words aren't working, what the fuck do you want them to do? Of course they are going to slaughter eachother. Both sides were fighting for control of their 'Holy Land', so of course they're using religion as a reason to fight. But, its a territorial thing, not an intolerance thing.

Oh, and it wasn't all christians who just decided, "Oh hey, lets go kill those muslims. Their faith sucks!" (No offense to anyone).

At the time, the first crusade (to my knowledge) was started by Pope Urban II. At the time, many nations had two main leaders: A political/military leader, and a religious leader. This means that the popes had a lot more power back then than they do now. When given a lot of power, people tend to change, so of course at the opportunity to gain more power, this man would do something.

You should study more history. kthxbi.
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