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Default Re: music's negative effect on Youth

Well true parenting does have a large effect on kids. But when you really look at some of the lyrics to the popular songs today, they are sick and twisted. Sexual and violent input does, in my opinion, cause sexually hyperactive and violent people. THats just from an observation of who's listening to what music, and than what social group they identify themselves with. (come to think of it that is only from outside observations...i'm going to take a poll at my school, i'll get back to you on that.) And its not just highschool kids i'm talking about here. It bothers me to see a lot of their little sibblings (10,11,12 year old kids) listening to songs about sex and drugs.

And for whoever it was that was trying to say that i didn't like today's music...well i dont. But thats not the problem. I get that the music i listen to is often about sex drugs and violence. But i wouldn't want my ten year old niece listening to Lou Reed or Guns and Roses anymore than i would want her listening to the Ignorence that is Gym Class Heros. (Yes i will forever bag on that band.)

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