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Default Re: music's negative effect on Youth

Just like to quickly destroy that. "Queen" so the band that raises the roof, had slam dancing and would get an entire crowd stomping their feet to We Will Rock You, and yelling at the top of their voices, is making people go weak?

This reminds me of the exact same study of Led Zeppelins backwards messages creating satanic cults. It's only slanderous to popular bands deemed unfit by religion/the state.

"both of the cerebral hemispheres is destroyed" Music can't destroy part of your brain or a frequency, your brain frequencies are in a completely different section of your body. Nerves aren't for music. Neither is your spine.

Sorry, that's just hate, not scientific. Prove to me he's refutable and not biased and I'll buy it.

Bad parenting makes bad kids, not bad music.
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