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Angry In Love With My Best Friend

She's a girl and well she is my best friend and probably always will be. I liked her in 6th grade and i ended up falling in love with her as i got to know her.
Well I don't want to tell her that i like her because she moved away and she might not tell me all these personal things that she usually does. And i know practically her life story and their r 2 things she wouldnt tell anybody even me.
Anyway How would i go about telling if she liked me? I'm pretty sure if she liked me coz all the tests that ive taken on the internet said she did and many other reasons. Also I did sense a bit of jealously when i told her i liked this other girl which i did but not nearly as much as her. Well anyway when i told her i liked her before she was just saying ok and omg i must have hurt u by telling u all the guys i like. So i pretended i was just kidding. And she went back to normal.
So any help would be appreciated.
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