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Default Re: Who here is religious

Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
What are these wars in question so we can analyze to see what the causes were rather than just taking your word for it? Part of a good debate is presenting points with facts and examples to back them.


You kept editing your post to say something different and it's confusing me. If you want to add something to your post say "edit" then add more information (like I'm doing now) so nobody get confused.

And I didn't misread his quote. He said religion was the main cause of wars. I keep hearing about wars but I have yet to be presented with examples. War is a loose term. You'll have to list wars and prove religion was the main cause of it.
The only's that come to mind.

Whenever Jews have been prosecuted (Babylonians, Nazi's, Greek, Roman) and the holy wars where Christianity killed anything that wouldn't convert.

But excluding Nazi's, these all date to back before the 1000's.
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