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Default Re: Who here is religious

Well I'm more complex than the "there's no god, let's burn Bibles!" type people.

I live life like an atheist so to speak. I don't acknowledge a God or supreme being. I don't pray, don't go to church (unless I have to, but is rare), or even wonder if there's an old man in the sky watching us. I don't care what the Bible says - not in complete ignorance sort of way but I don't look at it as a teaching but as a historical piece of literature.

I guess the appropriate label for me would be something like 'Atheist/Agnostic/I-don't-really-care-I'm-just-gonna-live-life" type person.

Religion pays a small role in my life and things have become so much easier and clearer for me when I cut out religion altogether. With Christianity I had so many doubts and unanswered questions that didn't satisfy me. I did go to church a lot last year and a half and even took a mini course at the church that was preliminary to understanding the basics of the teachings of Christianity. I had my doubts on the validity of what they were telling me and the doubts made me uncomfortable to where I didn't want to be religious anymore. Things didn't add up and I was told it's all about faith an not logic and that didn't work for me. Don't take offense but I felt silly and foolish believing in Christianity. I felt like I was believing in Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny.

So maybe atheist isn't the correct term to describe me. I don't know, I never have been a fan of labels. I've alternated between being atheist and agnostic but I try not to fuss with labels. I just chose to live life off my own morals and do what I think is right.

Not fussing with religion has made the most sense for me and has cut out the confusion and doubts because I believe there are things we won't find out and I believe that we will never 100% know for sure what was the starting point of life is. Like what created what created us? And then what created that? Confusing I know but it's something I think about and it's brought me to the conclusion that we won't know so why belong to something that isn't solid in what it says?

Although I do not for one second believe that I'm right and everyone else is wrong. I think people can believe what they like and do what makes sense to them because everyone is different and can't think the same way or want the same things out of life.

I just think it's silly to go out of your way to say God doesn't exist or to go out of your way to say God does exist and try to change someone (unless they're willing) when you don't have proof.

I figure why waste all that time when you can enjoy life and let whatever happen, happen.
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