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Default Re: Girls please help! :)

Originally Posted by older-and-wiser View Post
I am more than ready, and yea i havent done it before... im not some idiot teen who throws his life away on drugs and booze and having sex with every girl i can, im very well mannered, well spoken, educated and romantic, so please dont come in here assuming you know what im all about or what she is all about, its very offensive and i dont appreciate it at all
I believe by 'ready' Sam meant mature enough emotionally [both of you, obviously] and at the same time being confident in what you're about to engage in. Almost everyone at some point feels they're ready for sometimes, but often find they're not. And no one in any way implied anything negative about your character or hers, so you need to take a chill pill like now. Nobody said anything about drugs or alcohal or taking advantage of girls so step off of your defensive pedastal and listen to what he's saying to you.

we were going out once, and i pleased her different ways then, this is more "friends with benifits" at the moment, and im just doing things differently, so please stick to the subject and just answer what i asked, dont throw that junk at me
Anyone who see's girls as 'friends with benefits' really loses the self righteous argument about treating them with respect.
I agree. And Sam didn't at all throw 'junk' at you- he gave you legitimate, constructive advice. Just because you don't like it or don't agree with it doesn't make it junk and doesn't give you the right to flare up the way you did.

as for the comment about "rubbing her back is different to her genitals", dont ever talk about a woman like that in my presence, im very protective of the woman in my life and she means alot to me
What are you talking about??? It's a simple, and extremely true, statement! There is nothing at all offensive or inappropriate about it!

Now. To your original question. I'm going to have to ignore

please no "all girls are different" stuff
because that's just the way it is. Be gentle with her, get feedback from her, and experiment with her guidance. You're not going to know what she's comfortable with or enjoying unless you ask her. Simple as that. The obvious main pleasure point is the clitorus, but like I and others have said it's all about her and what she wants.
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