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Default An interesting situation...

Well, let me start this off by first saying I think I'm bi and I'm 15. Well, as of three weeks ago anyways.
Well, school started last Monday, and in 5th period Spanish there's this guy named Omar who sits on the opposite side of the room, facing me. I've noticed that ever since then, he'd always sit there and just stare at me.
I'd be sitting there working away or participating in class discussion, look up, and catch him looking at me with an expressionless face (Ya' know, kinda like the face people have when they day dream, for example). He then, of course, would quickly look away.
This has been going on since last Monday and, as far as I know when I be lookin' at him (XD), he usually just keeps to his work also... Which I believe rules out any odd fact of a habit of looking at people.

And just to add to this story, today after class, I found what little courage that I had and asked him "What's your name?" And, to which he replied with "Omar."
I then told him my name and said "Nice to meet you" with a smile. He replied with the same in a hard-to-read tone and I just move on.
My question?
Why the hell am I so confused? And is there anyway to tell if someone actually likes you without having to ask that person?
Thanks all in advance.

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