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Default demon within

im the lurking shadows
in the corner of your homes
im the whisper that you hear
when you know that youre alone
im that cold chill
the one you know you felt
im the one you accuse
of being straight from hell
my flesh looks so inhuman
my blood is dark and black
my eyes are hypnotizing red
my lips are a deep blue
i know that i seem frightening
but thats only what you see
i swear theres an explanation
for these parts of me
my flesh only looks inhuman
because of all my scars
my blood is only black
because im in the dark
my eyes are only red
because of all the tears
and my lips are only blue
because im cold down here
this pain hurts so bad
and yet you still run from me
i hope life never burdens you
the way its burdened me

it doesnt matter how hard i try
how much i cry
or how i want to die
the end comes near
and its just too cold
my heart is stone
and im all alone
why can\'t i just look outside
and realize
that i have no life?
the biggest problem
that exists in me
is when i cant breathe
how i refuse to breathe
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