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Default Re: Help Please Help

As already said, we are an understanding community and are here to help one another.

Emotions and events can seem overwhelming and leave us believing there is no way out of it all. But it needn't be so. Things can get better. You only need speak with a few people here who are living proof that things can, and will, improve.

Eating more, spending a bit of time with friends and seeking some form of support will all help you. Don't freak at the thought of seeking help. It will give you the opportunity to gradually improve your trust issues and, in doing so, will help you to start straightening your life out. If this seems too daunting at the moment then use us. We will always be here for you, but we can only do so much. Support from those you can meet face to face will be better.

Just for future reference, please do not create two posts in a row in the same thread. Use the "Edit" button next time.

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