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Default Re: Ubuntu - Beryl On Startup

Originally Posted by jjmcray View Post
System > Preferences > Sessions > Click "New" > Type in Beryl for the name and for the command type in beryl > Type in Beryl Manager for the name and type in beryl-manager for the command.
And if you're using KDE, put this in a .sh file:

I'd name it just so you know what it is.

Then put it in ~/.kde/Autostart/ and do this in a terminal:

cd ~/.kde/Autostart/
chmod +x

If Beryl Manager starts, then it works!

The special thing about this is that KDE automatically runs whatever it finds in that directory. So if you want to start other apps when KDE boots up as well, then just add the respective commands to your .sh file. For example, I have Mozilla Thunderbird in there, so every time I boot up, I can check my email with fewer clicks.
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