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Why don't you think that your parents don't care about you? If they didn't, do you think you would still be living with them? Would they feed you, provide you with a bed, and throw clothing on your back..if they didn't care?

School--The truth is, people usually don't care. If you are out of the "norm" people try not to get involved. But let me ask you, do you actually need them? Are they determining whether or not you die? You don't need them to care for you. You can care for yourself. Don't rely on others when you are just as powerful.

Suicide is never the answer, especially when it's because you don't think others care. There are good caring people out there, you just have to find them and ignore the ones that try to bring you down.

the other day i was on a balcony, and i wasnt sure if I should throw myself off, the thoguht was really pushing me
Just to let you know, I've been there many times, I've stood on that balcony and just thought about why I was actually here. I kept thinking about what kept me from just letting go and ending it all. What matters a lot to you? It can be a goal, even a person. But find something, and hold on to it will all your might. Don't let it go, think to yourself about how this thing would turn out if you weren't there anymore. Let that thing keep you from killing yourself, say to yourself, "I need to live, if not for myself, then for __________" You are special, and you are needed on this world, even though I know you don't feel it.

Sorry for my lecture, I didn't mean it to be like that.

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