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Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
Blahages, that's why i set up my own proxy server....and for games i have my own ftp server i'll download 'em from : P
Yep. That's why I periodically monitor our proxy logs to find out if anyone is accessing a remote proxy, and bypassing our filters. If they are, There goes their internet.

Most proxies I've seen have tell-tale indications that they are proxies, like a certain string of "random" characters after the URL, or, the word proxy in them, or even the address of the site you're accessing (Like, For Example, in them.

It also helps that I periodically watch the student's screens remotely, so I can actually witness them doing it.

And, if they WERE able to get around everything, and bypass everything unbeknown to me, and I completely miss it, then kudos to you.

We also block EXE and ZIP Files, among others. Granted, you COULD easily change the extension, and download the files, but if I decided to be a complete control freak, I COULD block downloading every file extension, I COULD block your Home IP Address entirely from the District Machines, I COULD restrict you to ONLY "," for example, I COULD completely disable your internet in it's entirety, I COULD completely disable your account to even log into the machine, I COULD write some login scripts to screw with you, I COULD sit remotely from my laptop and screw with you, by executing random programs, scripts, mess with your keyboard/mouse remotely, ETC, Etc.

And, I COULD make it so you're not even allowed to touch a district machine, period.

I'm usually pretty lenient, though. MOST online games, I don't care about, TOO much. Educational Games, I ignore, normal Flash games, I sometimes ignore, depending on my mood, sometimes I block the site, and refresh your webpage, and you get a forbidden, and sometimes I leave you alone. If you're trying to access Myspace, which I completely despise, (Which means you have to be using a proxy, as it's blocked) then I WILL shut your internet off, and I will add that site to the block list. Or, if you're abusing some company's tech support online, like a couple students were doing with Alienware's last year, I'll, first block the live support, as you shouldn't need that at school in the first place, then I will turn your internet off, and report you, if I'm in the mood.

If you're playing some random Game, like Quake, or BF2, like I've seen some do on school time, when they shouldn't be, SOMETIMES, I'll turn your machine off. Sometimes, I'll just mess the game up a little, and sometimes I'll just do things to annoy the crap out of you.

As far as I see it, you sign an Acceptable Use Policy at the beginning of every School Year. You sign it, you're allowed to use the district machines. Which, means, you're supposed to abide by the rules set in the AUP. Which, means no games, no bypassing filters, etc. Now, depending on my mood (once again) I may choose to leave you alone, or I may choose to mess with you. As far as I'm concerned, if you're breeching the AUP you signed, I'm entitled to mess with you, and annoy the crap out of you, or do whatever it is I feel "necessary to prevent you from doing whatever it was you were doing in the future." And, until I'm told that I can't screw with people like that, I'll continue it.

It makes my job all the more interesting. Right now, student's don't have to worry about it, as I don't have much free time. Things are pretty hectic the first few weeks of school. I did most of the work this summer myself, which included completely installing and setting up 330+ new machines (Three Elementaries, and one Alternative High School), removing the old machines that were replaced by the new ones (To be recycled), blowing out all machines in the High School and Middle School (Machines are only two years old) with a reverse vacuum, as they were really dusty, resetting those machines up, and reinstalling all the software on all the machines, as we do a complete reimage of 98% of the Machines every summer (And Periodic Updates during the School Year) to keep everything as close to up-to-date as humanly possible, and functioning as well as possible.

Right now, I have Approx. 80 IT Requests that have been submitted in the past few days, that I have to get around to, various teachers wanting printers installed, software installed, computers moved, need to know how to do something, etc. But, when that slows down, I'll have time to get into the "screwing with the students" thing again.

End of last School year, I had about 85% of at least one Computer Class without Internet, because they had all been caught doing stuff they weren't supposed to.

I welcome you to try to get past me. If you can, Kudos. If you can't, and I find out, sucks to be you. It's all how you want to look at it. I'd welcome students to get past my watch. If they can, I'd like to know how, so I can do better. And, depending on what it was, I might not do anything to them if they showed me. Actually, if it's just a loophole they got around, and they personally showed me, I wouldn't do anything. I'd be happy to know it. But, if I catch them doing it, without me knowing, that's a different story.

You were forgetting that, if someone wanted to know, they COULD fairly easily watch what you were doing, see you're accessing proxy sites (Even on your Own Server) and playing games.

And, also, if you REALLY know what you're doing, you can completely bypass all of the things we have set up where I work. Like, my laptop is set up so it's completely unlogged, with unrestricted internet, and nobody there can tell what I'm doing, unless they're physically standing behind me watching. And, actually, it's quite easy to do if you know what you're doing, and you know how our network is set up.

I'm not a total prick, I just love to have some fun with the stuff. My Network Admins in my HS were completely incompetent. We were running Windows 2000, with, I believe "Surf Guard" or whatever it is called installed on the machines. Basically, all their security was workstation centered. You use their workstation, you're restricted.

However, you bring in your own computer (Laptop, of course) and plug into any network drop in a room (All were on, in the entire building) you'd get Full, unrestricted Internet Access, unfiltered, via DHCP. You'd also get access to all the printers in the district, unrestricted, and many other things. I once showed my friend how to send a message across the network, and he stupidly set the message "asdtkjsl" or something similar to all the district machines. The point is, you could do things easily, without a problem. Heck, you could even bring in an XP or Linux Live CD/DVD and boot their machine off it, and have unrestricted internet. It was all software restrictions.

We had Wireless too. I don't know if anyone fiddled around with that or not, as it wasn't needed, there were so many drops that were available. We don't use Wireless where I work now, my boss will not have it installed.

The Network Admin in my school didn't even know anyone was accessing anything with their laptops until someone (Idiot) went up to him and asked him for the WEP Key, and he wouldn't give it to him. And, then he asked why not and said that everyone had been accessing the wired network anyway for a while.

/Long Post

- Bill

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