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Default Re: Post Your Desktop Screenshot! - See First Post For A Guide

Originally Posted by Frosty View Post
being a nerd i'm extremely proud of my oc of 20% on stock cooling..... X D

Wow that's a LOT of programs you have is your comp.
Is your comp fast? With brand is it?
built it myself

AMD athlon x2 (dual core) socket am2 stock 2.5ghz oc'ed to 3ghz
ATI radeon x1950 pro
2GB geil DDR2 800 (oc'ed to 867mhz) of ram
Raidmax 630 watt powersupply
Evga motherboard (nvidia 590 sli chipset)
Westerdigital Raptor Raid 0 750GB
Samsung SATA dual layer dvd burner
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