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Default Re: please help im so confused

Originally Posted by katie333999 View Post
i thought that when you lose weight your breasts reduce size....
well i lost weight and my breasts have just gotten bigger and bigger
im 16 and i smoke a lot but i dont know if that has anything
to do with it

why does it happen?? what can i do to stop it???
yeah, when you lose weight your breats usually get smaller, but when you're in puberty they get bigger because of those hormones, regardless of your weight.

it's good to keep the weight off, you'll be healthier, and your breasts, although they might get larger, won't get larger still because of the fat deposits behind them. Alas, there's not much you can do about natural breast growth, unless, of course, they are so big, or they bother you so much that you have a breast reduction, which is a surgical procedure to permanently reduce their size.

Smoking is always a bad thing, eventhough you feel fine today, with each puff, you're inhaling things that will cause lung and heart problems later on. These should worry you as much as your breast size, although they're not contributing to the current issue.
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