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Default Re: Girls please help! :)

Originally Posted by older-and-wiser View Post

There is a girl, im not really seeing her but we talk alot and i see her heaps, well we just had a very interesting talk, i rub her back and shoulders for her alot, and she just told me that she wants more than that, she wants to be touched somewhere else if u get my drift.

Im not sure how i should approach it, i know what to do with my hands, but she wants oral aswell, a dream come true lol, but i dont want to hurt her or make her uncomfterble.

please let me know what is best to do and avoid, and please no "all girls are different" stuff, im well aware of that i just need some general tips and tricks.


I know I must sound like a fuddy duddy alot with my answers to these types of questions, but if you need to come online to ask a bunch of (well meaning) strangers what (or how) you should do with your g/f, it doesn't sound like a 'dream come true'. It sounds like you've never done this, AND you're not real sure it's the right thing to do. How do i know this? Because when anything seems/feels 'right' we just know it and we don't need to ask others their opinions or advice on technique.

Rubbing someone's back and shoulders is alot different than rubbing or licking their genitals. If you're not ready it's likely to turn out poorly, you (and she) won't enjoy it and you might lose the relationship.

I know you probably don't want to hear this, but I think you should give it some time and not rush into it. Just because something sounds exciting doesn't mean it will be. You need to be ready, that's the real ingredient to 'excitement' (not just opportunity).
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