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Default Re: Who here is religious

Religion is a blissful thing but it really depends on how you look at it. The religion wars are very based on arrogance and ignorane said it thinks one religion is better then the next so it really a different kind on discrimantion and racism for religion. People look for guidence and a non scince way of looking at things for they see things science and math cant do. How the earth is creating, Why do we give birth and why are there different races? Religion can answer this but so can science. Bad people and things are caused by bad people and things. Religion of any kind does not say The Allmighty being or beings can control a person or their action only try to presuade them or stop them by killing them or giving them a disease. This world is twisted because of people who are bad. Dont and NEVER balm religion or GOD or whoever you belive in. If someone tried to assult or insult your mother would you hurt them or do something? Its like Religion you belive the person who allows you live and you protect them and dont allow those to insult them. Dont blame religion for people's igonorane, arrogance, and terrible crime of any sort blame that person. Religion guides and you decide which guide you want to folloe if its from GOD to no one.

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