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well, first off, black holes will least likely end it all, because it is believed that all the solar systems revolve around 1 giant black hole and also if the universe gets larger it will implode on itself, creating an opposite big basng. and if you figure that because the center of the universe is a black hole, why isnt the universe shrinking? well i believe in the theory that there are multiple dimenshions and that means multiple universes, now i believe that the black hole is not the entry of the light but the exit, we are conected to another universe via the black hole, and that would mean that there was no big bang but a rift in the universe was created and was spread over millions of years, making many many universes, so also in my theory that would mean that if you go through a black hole you would enter another universe, but then the implode will not occur, but the hole we revolve around would runnout of light it is taking and reverse its self, so we are not in the need to worry, we will go throuhg one hole and out the other....*cough*, so if you feel differently let me know. this is my theory, the inverse theory (the name i gave it )

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