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Default College Football vs. The NFL

Which do you like better: College Football or The NFL?

I like College football better, especially because of its unpredictability and large amount of teams. There are 119 teams in the FBS (formerly known as Division 1-A), and there will be 120 when Western Kentucky joins in 2009. I love how a team like Appalachian State can come and play in Michigan and stun them. No one would have predicted that. College football has so many overlooked stars. So many great players go to less-than-stellar colleges and NFL teams would rather draft someone who might not be as talented from a more prestigious school, than go with someone who is more talented from a less prestigious school. Compare Adrian Peterson's stats to Garrett Wolfe's stats, and you'll be amazed at how much better Garrett Wolfe seems. Yes, he may be vertically challenged, but he makes up for it with his extreme quickness and determination. Why does no one state Aundrae Allison and Calvin Johnson in the same sentence, when both are of similar talent, at least in my opinion. But anyway, its up to you, I just want to know you're opinion. I like the NFL too, and in general I think football is my favorite sport to watch because you never know what could happen. A game-winning touchdown at the last minute, a fumble that blows the game with just three seconds left; there are so many possibilities. Don't forget, the NFL stars get paid for what they do, but the college stars play with heart, they really are playing for their team, they're just in it for the money, since they don't even make any money (although athletic scholarships mean college costs less or even absolutely zero). But which do you prefer, the NCAA, or the NFL?

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