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Default Lonely?

Lone·ly (lōn'lē)
adj., -li·er, -li·est.
  • Without companions; lone.
  • Characterized by aloneness; solitary.
  • Unfrequented by people; desolate: a lonely crossroads.

Isn't it funny how one word can describe you so easily?
Isn't it funny how you can read that definition and imagine a girl sitting at home alone, tears streaming down her face, missing someone like crazy?

Well, no need to imagine it, that's me.

But why?

He's at work, just like he is every other day, he'll be home and like always the first thing he'll do is take you into his arms and say that he missed you. So why worry? So why do you feel like you two are drifting apart, why are you scared that things won't work out?

C'mon Heather, stop over-analyzing everything again.
Stop crying, stop worrying, just stop!


He'll be working overnights soon, on top of everything, you'll be sleeping alone.
And it hurts, that feeling is always with you, at work, at home, it just keeps gnawing at you until finally you break down. Until finally that place on your arm that's been itching for pain finally breaks open.

And then relief.
No sadness, no tears, no worry.

No loneliness.

Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants won't help.
-Calvin & Hobbes.
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