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Originally Posted by DomSoulWraith View Post
What I think about this whole issue is that one person is right, wether it's the islam, hindu, buddhists, catholics, scientologists (and/or athiest..) et cetera. One of those many religions is right and ONLY one. (I'm sorry to say) We may go to hell or just simply be devoured by bacteria and be in an endless dream or go to heaven and meet Christ. Right now I'm leaning toward the scientific theory of evolution and you just stop being. You can't imagine it because you never think about it. It seems impossible, but try to compare that to the electrons that dis and re-appear that make up all "matter" This isn't quantum mechanics, but that seems impossible but it was proven fact. The "white light" people say they've seen is the last functioning brain waves your brain have for a few minutes after your heart stops (that explains that). Most "miracles" or any other religios phenomenom can be explained by science. Not to say some can't be explained. That's one man's opinion. I'd like to here others. I'm still trying to make up my mind, but that's what I believe so far.
maybe the correct one hasn't been invinted/discovered yet......
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