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Originally Posted by george View Post
well for me i masturbate on my bed mostly because when you sitting (this is just what i think so if you think different Zach or anyone else just say ^^)your pushing against your prostate making it easier to masturbate and not take as long ^^ if you wanna make it last longer then do it standing up. takes like 2 or 3 times longer to orgasm than when im sitting down or just having pressure pushing against my butt
Yup, lots of people like pressure against your prostate/anus/pernium. That's just natural

Originally Posted by needshelp View Post
and what is the usual time period from beginning to orgasm?
on average
No clue because you can stop just before you go to orgasm, wait and then go again (popular technique called Stop and Go). So there's really no average because it's all unvaried and I don't know of any studies done on this

Originally Posted by needshelp
can you be to young or young puberty wise to masturbate?
Originally Posted by monkeychild
do you think it feels better when u masturbate with someone?
I would think so!

Originally Posted by needshelp View Post
does it feel any better masturbating on a bed?
as opposed to the floor in my bathroom
I dunno, it's your preference. I personally like my bed because I'm more comfortable but it's your decision.
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