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Default Question.

I am 13 and i have yet to get my period. Although one of my friends is 12, wears a size 00 jeans has gotten hers, almost 8 months ago. How come she got hers so much earlier than I will? Does is have something to do with genetics? I am about 5 foot 5 or 5 foot 6. I wear about a size 1 jeans. And wear around a 32A. Any help would be great.

I also have another question. When i sit with my feet up on a chair, so my knees are near my face, I can smell something. I am guessing it is some kind of odor from my vagina. It's not pleasant. Although it isn't fishy, like some people say could be a sign of infection. I don't have any pain or redness. The only problm I have had within the last few months was a small pimple about 2 weeks ago. Although that went away. Is this odor soemthing I should be worried about? I am always afraid that other people can smell it too.
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