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Okay, P. Diddy (a very successful rapper, clothing designer (Sean John) also known as Puff Daddy, Sean Combs etc.) Decided he wanted to make a band that was going to be very successful and would make “history”. The first time he tried with “Da band” it didn’t work out, so he let go of them and decided to get an all girl group. He held auditions on TRL (A music countdown) and he didn’t like any of the girls and said they were all old looking and didn’t have a lot of talent but his assistants insisted he give them a chance. Well he did. But after a week or so he flew down to Atlanta, Georgia to find more girls with a lil something better to work with. He found 2, Shantee and Lavantae. The girls had to come up with a song that included a few words in the beginning and a chorus and a hook along with choreography for the dance. They were working with a choreographer (Professional) but when they presented their songs their dancing vibes were very low, and there were only like 2 good songs out of 4 groups I think there was. So now I forgot to see the last episode to see who he got rid of but he just got rid of people that couldn’t dance…1 girl has these weird cuts in her stomache like usher and sounds like a goat and one looks like a man, the girl who left who was from Atlanta was a bitch, its just caoss…well that’s sums it up xept for the really weird den mother (Jason) also a dancer who is very bitchy also….he was laid off too
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