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Originally Posted by Anthony View Post
That was a whole lot of negativity in that post. You judge the people around you and aren't accepting of who they are and feel suprerior to them. Don't expect to make friends or have relationships with people with that kind of attitude. It seemed to already catch on to your small group of friends. You'll end up lonely with that way of thinking unless you change and not be so negative.
You get really do. I know i have superiority complex. But i'm just waiting for someone who can beat me at that. For someone who i feel is at my level of thinking, but at the same time isn't as judgemental as me. I know this isn't a road to happyness. but maybe happyness isn't my goal. is the satisfaction of being right more important to me than working to accept an ignorent man as my friend??? Thats just a retorical question mind you, but these are the things that keep me up at night.

Do not remind me of my failures. I have not forgotten them. - Jackson Browne in These days.
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