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Originally Posted by TeenGuy512
OK - so I gave up my no masturbation thing, and cummed off a HUGE load - it was kinda yellowy though - so is that weird?
Probably just some excess urine in your urethra. No big deal, happens to lots of people, and it probably won't happen as much if you masturbate often (which could be the explination of why it happened to you this time )

Originally Posted by TeenGuy
Then, a couple days later, I had a dry orgasm, and had a few more dry orgasms after that. I'm now cumming normally again, but was something wrong before?
Nope, that just happens. Could be how horny you are at the time, your mood, or some other unexplainable thing. Nothing's wrong though because your body doesn't always do the same thing every day with things like this.
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