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Default Re: please help im so confused

Originally Posted by orchdork View Post
Maybe you should get them checked at your next Pap/Smear.(i hope thats the right term)
Actually it's mamogram. A pap smear is for checking the lining of the cervix to make sure it's healthy.

Yes of course it would be good to stop smoking, but eh that's not the point

Originally Posted by katie333999
i thought that when you lose weight your breasts reduce size....
well i lost weight and my breasts have just gotten bigger and bigger
im 16 and i smoke a lot but i dont know if that has anything
to do with it

why does it happen?? what can i do to stop it???
Your breasts probably aren't growing rapidly because you're excersising. They are probably just growing because you're still in puberty. It is a good idea to ask at your next check-up/mamogram though, just to make sure what this is. Sounds like no big deal to me though
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