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Default Re: Social Anxiety Disorder.

wow lol for the past 3 years now i've always throught something was wronge and i've always put it down to maybe being depressed or just over sensative, but i've never heard about social anxiety, well i have heard of it but never really considered it, till i read that ^^^ . i have nearly everything described and becuase of it i get panic attakes and i've had a couple of breakdowns. sometimes becuase of it i won't even get up in the morning becuase i just can't face people and i become so low i just want to advoid people and the outside world. i get incrediable paranoid too.
i've never really tried to do anything about it but just get on as well as i can, i don't know if there is anything you can do about it, not that i know of anyway.
i'm gonna look into it!
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