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Growth spurts will make it noticable, but you don't always have growth spurts and you may just have gradual growth. After awhile when you start paying attention to the intonation of your voice, you'll notice some difference whether or not it's gradual.

Your whole body mainly grows at night and that's why sleep is so important. But some of your growth can be during the day (I classify muscle building as slight growth, and you can feel your muscle aches from training through the day)

Of course, you won't notice much any day. Like I said, noticing growth kind of builds up to whenever you personally discover it. When I was 11, my dick was 4.5", and I didn't measure it regularly so I found out at about 12 that it was 5.5 and I didn't notice when I was 4.6 to 5.4 until I directly measured it and so it all built up
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