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Cool Re: Global Warming

Originally Posted by Whisper View Post
I'm sorry guys but global warming like evolution
is a fact
When a panel of thousands of scientists all agree it exists and its our fault....I think instead of living in denial and trying to shift blaim we should get off our asses and do what humans do best, adapt
I can already see the changes where I live
Canada being a northern country is going to be hit hard by it

I want Alberta to get off its ass and actually spend some hardcore cash into alternative fuels like hydrogen
It shows extreme promise but needs a massive inital investment
One Alberta could easily do
Not only would it be extremely green but as the initial investors we could claim patents left right and center more world headquarters for energy companies would make Edmonton and Calgary there home
and we'd boom again
While being one of the cleanest providences and in turn countries on the planet

Just like we need more Nuclear Reactors I can't wait till 2017 when the first of two twin reactors will fire up an hour from where i live
We have the radioactive material in Saskatchewan which has two of the largest uranium mines on earth and the plants need allot of water...Canada has the largest amount of free water on earth
They produce massive amounts of power and zero greenhouse gas

We could easily build more wind turbines in southern Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and all over the Northern Territory's in the Tundra and along the rocky mountains where the winds are strong
Were surrounded on three sides by three separate oceans and we have some of the largest lakes on earth that mine as well be mini seas where we could set up tidal turbines under the water and wave turbines along the rocky shores where the waves hit hard like in Atlantic Canada
Then theres geothermal and of course solar

There is no need to be spilling out this much pollution
theres no need to live in a world where everybody's glued to the tv to check the smog reports

Green doesn't mean economic oblivion
On the contrary you could make billions in it if you play your cards right
the technology's here
The public support is here
The need is now

Company's have made billions marketing a product allot less profitable and safe as green energy
I couldn't have put it better myself, Kodie. =]
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