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I was getting pretty pissed off at my step-dad last night, he'd been drinking and was on the computer upstairs, and during the night I found him asleep at the computer, everything on (hee'd turned off the screen-saver and everything), so I just pulled the plug out. Then about two hours later I found him fast asleep on the sofa, the TV on and the Sky box, also just about all the lights on downstairs so I just turned off the circuit breaker for all the downstairs stuff. It just pisses me off.

I agree with you totally Cody, we need to act now. I think it's down to the government, if they spent money on all this stuff, and if people actually bothered to do something about it (aka not using the car when possible and turning stuff off .ect) we'd be on track to prevent or at least slow down global warming.
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