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Default someone please help

Ever since i can remember my dad has had extreme back porblems and recently he got even worse injured and i cant even talk to him hes in so much pian and i never have really talked to him much in my whole life even though everyday he tells me he loves me i just wanna talk to him so fuckin bad i have so many things to tell him but i cant because hes in to much pain to even focus.lately its been taking its toll every night i cry and try my best to be happy everday but its getting hard.My family wouldnt understand if i told them......Im so depressed.Ive moved away from the only place ive ever loved and the only place i will ever be happy but my parents would never consider moving back,i cant talk to my dad even though i see him everyday i just wish i could have 1 wish in the world and that would be maby to tell him what i did in school today,how much i love him but i never will be able to.Ive been thinking of suicide lately......alot but when i think deeply of it,it makes me happy inside.But i cant do that because of the impact on the people i love.I know my dad is there and i know he loves me but i cant remeber 1 time we even played catch or anthing like that.Plz help me im just need to some advice im just sick of feeling like this.

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