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Those who strive for perfection are doomed to fail. If you have the preconcieved notion of perfection being the goal alreaddy inlodged deep into your cerabellum then there is little else i can say. Look, no one expects you to be perfect, infact most of them will wait for your imperfections so they can use them against you. And trust me on this, if your imperfection is that you know you're not perfect...then they'll get to you every time.

You mentioned that you think the reason some people hate you is because you're smarter than them. I've been having the exact same problem for the last two years. I had to change schools because of it. So many people today in america are unenlightened half-wits who couldn't reason their way out of a paper bag. So first i want to know what you consider intelligence, because intelligence is different from wisdom, but on average i've noticed that they go hand and hand. There are few Philosophers who didn't practice science, and few Scientists who used religion instead of reason.

You also mentioned that you think they hate you because you are "different." What do you mean by that?? Do you mean becasue you see the world differently and think that they should be behaving in ways that would break their ignorent code of proper etiquette, or that you are some spikked haired, pierced, make up covered, uber tight pants wearing emo? because there is a BIG difference there. (sorry if i offended someone with my "emo" comment, but i'm entitled to my opinion.)

Anyway, just know that the world sucks and thats the way it's staying. All we can do is try to be happy with the knowledge that they can never take our reason from us.

"It is preoccupation with possession, more than anything else, that prevents men from living freely and nobly." - Bertrand Russell

Do not remind me of my failures. I have not forgotten them. - Jackson Browne in These days.

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