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Default Taboos

I'm sorry if this seems a bit off topic, but it seems to be pretty relevant (especially in the southern States). Condoms have been pretty much accepted by society (i.e. it's not as embarrasing to buy them, and they don't restrict their sale by age) while other equally prevelant "activities" remain taboo. For example, sex toys (hear me out). I can't seem to find the law in Canada, but in the States the age that you can buy them is 18 and up (and in States like Alabama they're illegal! GASP!). Why the restriction? We've accepted the fact that some teens are having sex; why haven't we accepted that mostly ALL are masturbating? Why should we be barred from buying things that would aid in masturbation, and probably keep us happy enough to wait to have sex for the right time. Let's face it; some teens have sex just because they feel that they aren't satisfyed with masturbation, and still they aren't ready on an emotional level to have sex.

So what do you people think? Should these taboos be more accepted as a better way of preventing KIDS from having sex before they're ready?
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